Midwinter Leadership Conference 2013


Midwinter Leadership

Conference Manual

  for Administrative Planning and  Ministerial Program Development

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Multiple Event Proposal Form2013
Project Proposal Form – Administration Subdivisions
All Administration Departments are to support the United Ministries and Board of Bishops in their activities,with the exception of Volunteer Services.  Volunteer Services exclusively support all activities of the Board of Bishops.  Understandably, it will be difficult for you to complete your proposal, until you hear from all of the United Ministry Divisions.  

Remember, you may need to extend your plan over two or three years.  One year may not be enough time for some of you; set your objectives accordingly.

Why is it necessary to draft a proposal?

 An effective proposal can lessen the difficulty of planning a large or complex event. The more detailed and complete a proposal, the easier the planning and the more successful the event will be.

As events become larger, you should use more time to plan. For example, planning for the National Young People’s Convention should begin about a year before the event. Keep in mind that it is sometimes better to scale back an event in order to guarantee its success. 

The Role of the Conference Chair or Co-Chair

Insures a smooth operation – and ultimately the success – of the conference.
 Responsibilities of the chair are:
  • · Making opening and closing remarks of 10 to 15 minutes before each segment of the presentations.
The conference planning committee member will introduce the  chair and provide any important administrative or logistical information to attendees (such as changes to the agenda or where lunch will be served). That will allow the chair to concentrate his or her remarks on the substantive issues that will be the focus of discussion during the conference.
 · Acting as time keeper.
The conference needs to run according to schedule with sessions and breaks starting and ending as indicated in the conference agenda.
As part of the chair’s  role as time keeper, it is also important that you ensure speakers leave 5 to 10 minutes at the end of their presentations for questions from the other attendees.
The conference planning committee will provide you with time warning cards at the conference to assist you in this.
 · Introducing, welcoming and thanking individual speakers (or moderators of panel sessions).
A few days before the conference, the conference planning committee will send you a list of all speaker biographies if necessary – to allow you to familiarize yourself with the backgrounds of the presenters. These complete speaker biographies will also be included in the attendees’ conference binders. As a result, the attendees strongly prefer that you select highlights from the biographies in making your speaker introductions.
 · Generating audience interest in the presentations, leading off question periods and providing continuity and value-added commentary throughout the conference.
When a speaker finishes his/her presentation, we ask that you please initiate applause, and, if questions are not immediately forthcoming from the audience, break the ice by putting the first question to the speaker.
The chair is also encouraged to contribute additional comments or analysis throughout the conference. This will serve to tie the various presentations together as well as to offer presenters/delegates further information and insights.

Role of Conference Planning Committee

 Conference Planning Committee Members’ Responsibilities
 Agenda Conference Planning Committee Chair
Pre/Onsite Registration – Committee Member
Conference Binder/Signage – Committee Member
Volunteer Services – Committee Member

 Planning Committee Chair Responsibilities 

Conference Chair ­­– Acts as main liaison to Board of Bishops Communicates with Committee members to ensure planning activities are current for deadline management and oversees all activities of Conference planning and works with all committee members in establishing and maintaining the Conference operating budget.
Agenda Chair – Works to get copies of proposals for Midwinter Conference Chair and Board of Bishops, which meet the Conference theme and representative of the needs/desires of attendees, including key-note addresses; works in setting Conference agenda including plenary, breakouts, special activities and workshops.
Pre and On-Site Registration CMTE MBR Receives registrations and printing of name badges or table tents; maintains the registration table during the conference for participants to pick-up conference materials, on-site registration and general questions.
Conference Bindre/Signage CMTE MBR Works with Conference Chair and Committee members in obtaining electronic files needed for the conference binder. Designs and layouts binder and obtains bids for printing/assembly of same.  Coordinate printing of signage for conference workshops, meetings and other signage as necessary.
Volunteer Services CMTE MBR – works to secure and coordinate volunteers to work the various needs before/during and immediately after the conference; Food and beverages will be provided by volunteers.

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