How to Chair a Meeting

How to Chair a Meeting.  (Click link below to view)


Meetings are sometimes held around conference ...

Meetings are sometimes held around conference tables. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Church meetings that are conducted effectively are important to the success of its ministry.  Just as the effective meetings of large and small for-profit corporations are necessary  for their productivity. 

Did you ever leave a meeting and wondered what was decided?  Or, you left a meeting and realized that there was more time spent talking about things that did not have anything to do with the agenda.  Nothing was accomplished, no decisions were made!    An ineffective meeting is led by an ineffective facilitator.

Click on the link below to learn how to chair a meeting that will help the group reach its goals.

How to Chair a Meeting


(Click on the   >   in the YouTube window below, then click on the   ιι   as it appears at the bottom of the window.  The video is delayed in starting.)

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One Response to How to Chair a Meeting

  1. Dawn Miller says:

    Thank you for this information. The video was straight forward, easy to understand. Also the related articles are helpful..

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