Using an Agenda

Make Meetings Work, Use an Agenda!

All chairs should use the following Agenda Template, when preparing for your meeting.

Instructions:  Type into the Template, then save it to your desktop in the name of your group and date of meeting. For example: AdmServices-12Dec2011 


(Click on picture below to view video.)

 Why Do You Need An Agenda?

For meetings to consistently deliver the required performance and outputs, it is critical to have a prepared communication process prior to the meeting.  This is called an AGENDA.  This enables participants to prepare for the meeting in advance.  It also prompts them to circulate any supporting documents and pre-reading before the meeting, so that the scheduled discussions are not longer than necessary. 
The agenda format may vary, but it will need to have some components which are common, as follows:
* Location and time
* Attendees/Guests/Excused Absences
* Preparation required
* Review of previous agreed actions
* Objectives
* Items to be discussed
* Next meeting location and time
* Review of meeting

By having this structure, it becomes possible for the right people to attend and to:
* Focus completely on outcome and purpose
* Be prepared
* Develop meeting skills

 Excerpts taken for “Make Meetings Work,  Use an Agenda!”
c) 2010 Martin Haworth is a business and management coach and trainer. He is the author of Super Successful Manager!, an easy to use, step-by-step weekly development program for managers of EVERY skill level and a leadership and management trainer and coach at Coach Train Learn!


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