Leadership Development Institute 2014 Fall Session

Greetings LDI Students,


Welcome to the 2014 Fall Leadership Development Institute course entitled “Understanding Who God Is.”   You are entering the next phase of the Elders’ Leadership Training Program.  


The Elders’ Leadership Training Program is a Cohort Program

A cohort program usually has 2 -25 people enrolled, who are taking the same classes at the same time. For this course, we have a total of 36 enrollees, [Elders, their spouses, and Evangelists] which is an unusually large number for a traditional cohort program.  Therefore, the Elders and Evangelists will meet in two separate groups.


 The Benefits of a Cohort program

Instead of one or two classmates seeking a connection, the cohort program offers each student an entire group as a resource. To reinforce a strong team-based learning experience, our cohort program also uses smaller study groups for certain assignments.  


 computer mouse(Click on each link below to view its contents.)

LDI Catalog 2014-2015

  Complete this Pre-Reading between Sept. 30 to October 30.

You should take notes, while you read these articles.


PRE-READING_UnderstandingWhoGodIs  [print a copy]      

2014 Fall LDI_Binder Cover  [print a copy]

 Fall2014-Syllabus_UnderstandingWhoGodIs   [print a copy]

LDI_WelcomePacket2014 [print a copy]

Instructions for Writing Your Reflective Journal

 2014 Fall LDI Registration Instructions  [print a copy]

LDI Textbook-UnderstandingGodhead2014  [print a copy]


Each student will need to purchase a Black 2-inch, 3-ring view binder for your following inserts and use tabs to separate the sections:

Black Views Binder







  1. Syllabus for the Course

  2. Welcome Packet

  3. 2014 Student Contact List (inside Welcome Packet)

  4. Instructions for Writing a  Reflective Journal

  5. The Registration Instructions

  6. Textbook for “Understanding Who God Is” Course


     2nd HALF of BINDER

    Place the following in back of the 2-inch binder or make a separate binder:


  1. 2014PREREADING ARTICLES_COVER (if needed)

  2. LDI2014_PRE-Reading Instructions [print a copy]

  3. PRE-READING_UnderstandingWhoGodIs  [print a copy]

  4. Workbook_Understanding_Who_God_Is  [print a copy]

  5. Answer Book [Inside workbook]

  6. Reflective Journals [See below]



You will reflect upon the principles that are taught in each class and record your thoughts in the journal.  Journal writing gives you an opportunity to meditate on what you have learned and it also reinforces learning, and discusses how this knowledge will improve your ministry and life in general.


Reflective Journal Form   (Print out copies)


Instructions for Writing Your Reflective Journal


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