LDI 2013 Winter Sessions

Greetings Elders, Elders’ Wives, and Evangelists Association Members.

Welcome to the beginning of your next Leadership Development Institute course entitled “Ministerial Ethics and Protocol”. 

Did You Purchase Your Textbook Yet?
I hope that you purchased your ebook entitled, “The Evangelist and Minister’s Handbook” by Evangelist Debora Hooper.  Her ebook download is available on her website for $7.99 (Click on the following link:   http://www.deborahooper.com/Products.html).  It is one of three textbooks we will use in your  LDI course in “Ministerial Ethics and Protocol”.  You can browse through it now, before sessions begin  in March, to find practical information to use now.  (See Video below)    

You will not need to wait until March to get all  the course information; some of the information is on this website.  You will need to begin to use the information in your ministries now.  That is how we learn; by reading and then practicing what we have read, and it takes sufficient time to master new knowledge. 

Other Textbooks You Will Need

Church Etiquette by Linda J. Williams
A Handbook for Manners & Appropriate Behavior in Church
The book provides important tips and scriptural references on proper behavior in all Houses of Worship. 
Use the following link to order    http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000258086/Church-Etiquette.aspx  for $10.99.
Also visit Her Company’s Website  http://etiquettelifeskills.com/biography.htm
Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette by Nolan B. Harmon
A Classic That Has Guided Three Generations of Ministers
The price is $11.99.   Use the following link to order the book.   http://www.christianbook.com/ministerial-ethics-and-etiquette/nolan-harmon/9780687270347/pd/7270340
Pre-Reading Assignments
Yes, there is a considerable amount of foundational knowledge to examine for the course and we cannot cover it all within the scheduled 3 months.  So you are assigned (Click hyperlink→) brief  articles to pre-read for the next 10 weeks.   Your leadership course is starting right now, by Internet.  And there will be no grading! 
 However, (after you have submitted your registration form) I will need you to email me your brief response for each article you’ve read, (not the definitions), to let me know how the information is currently benefitting you and your ministry.  To accomplish this, I will email to each registrant a survey for you to complete for each article.  We are getting off to a very good start!
Register Today!
You will also find a registration form on this site, for the Ministerial Ethics and Protocol” course.  It is necessary that you complete the form and submit it back to the Registrar no later than January 30th, so that the Program Manager will have time to prepare supplementary materials and present them to you at the 1st session, in March 2012.



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