Biblical Truths

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The following articles  are written by past and present LDI Students.

Simeon and Anna; Portraits of Mature Worship

By Elder Dawn C. Miller  
Board of  Elders 
2012 LDI Student
In the Scriptures, a story is told of a chance meeting with the new born Messiah, his parents and two strangers.  All we know of Simeon and Anna is written in a few verses of scripture. 

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by Sister Michelle Martin    
2011 & 2012 LDI Student
Life is a story…Every day we wake up unknowing what our day will bring. 

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By Elder Bernita Ray
Board of Elders
2011 & 2012 LDI Student
One evening while working on my computer a thought entered my mind concerning the ant and I was reminded of the scripture in the book of Proverbs 6:6, which plainly states, “Go to the ant thou sluggard consider her ways and be wise.”  I did not think anymore about the ant, until a few days later while sitting in the podiatrist office with my mother. 
(For the complete article, click → “The Weaver Ant“) 



Baptism of the Holy Ghost

 By Elder D. Michael Fischer
Board of Elders
2011 & 2012 LDI Student
 In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John we find a man called John the Baptist, who the prophets Isaiah and Malachi prophesied would be the forerunner of Jesus Christ, who is (God in flesh). It is John the Baptist that would prepare the way of the Lord by preaching the baptism of repentance and telling all who heard him that the Kingdom of God is at hand. 
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 A Nation of Leaders

By Evangelist Nadine Stokes

Member of Evangelist Association
2012 LDI Student
Leadership Originated in Heaven- The Lord God who directs and controls all history ordained Leadership. As evidenced in the Word of God, he placed an angelic being, which possessed outstanding musical ability over the celestial choir in heaven (Ezekiel 28:13). This director was Lucifer; he was also one of the highest orders of angelic beings. He was the Anointed Cherub that covereth (Ezekiel 28:14).  
(For the complete article, click → A Nation Of Leaders)



Abiding in Christ

By Elder Dawn C. Miller
Board of Elders
2012 LDI Student
I love history.  Once I was taking care of a patient who was watching Antiques Roadshow on television. She commented that she loved the stories behind the objects and wondered if she too may have some hidden treasure.  I love the show because of the sense of history.  I find it comforting to see how an object passed down through generations; can connect people to their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I admire the reverence with which the owners retell the story behind their treasure.  As with these earthly objects we, as Christians also hold something dear to us and we share our story.  
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4 Responses to Biblical Truths

  1. Elder Dawn Miller says:

    Praise the LORD Elder Fischer;

    Wonderful article regarding the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Your research was thorough and your presentation easy to be understood. I thank God for your ministry.

    Elder Dawn Miller

  2. Elder Dawn Miller says:

    Praise the LORD Evang. Stokes;

    This is a wonderful teaching. Thank you! May God continue to lead you as you produce such insightful teachings!!!

    Elder Miller
    THCOPA, Northern Kentucky

  3. Nadine Stokes says:

    Praise the Lord Elder Miller,

    Abiding in Christ is a wonderful analogy of the priceless treasure we have been given by God. It also reminds us of the innumerable benefits this treasure produces when it is guarded and cared for. What a wonderful teaching tool!!!

    Evangelist Stokes

  4. Suffragan Bishop Phillips says:

    I praise the Lord for both of your Elder Miller and Evangelist Stokes. They both remind us of the great God we serve and his care for us, and the call to faithfulness to him for victory in our lives. The life that Christ has given us is the greatist treasure.

    The article on leadership speaks to the charge that God has given us and the great reward that comes in obeying God. A good leader is not one that becomes puffed up with a title, but realizes the responsibility of serving. I especially loved the quote that the leader is to feed the flock with knowledge and understanding. That’s what brings increase in the body of Christ.

    Thank you both for your wonderful articles.

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