Women In Ministry: A Partnership (Video)

 Dr. Joel Green, Professor of New Testament Interpretation
Dr. Juan Martinez, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Pastoral Leadership
Dr. Carolyn Gordon, Associate Professor of Communication
Dr. Marianne Meye Thompson, George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament

About Office of Administrative Services
Our church organization was founded in 1966, as a loosely organized group of congregations in Ohio and Kentucky and each was named True Holiness Church of God. Because the missions and ministries of each congregation outgrew its capacity, in 1998, the united congregations incorported a central sheparding organization and named it True Holiness Assemblies of Truth United International Inc (THAT United) and each congregation is now called True Holiness Covenant of Peace Assembly. These congregations are located within the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Delaware, with a mission in Statesboro, Georgia. THAT United International is the corporate-voice all national and international missions and ministries. This organization is led by a Board of Bishops. Our Mission  To evangelize the world.  To promote effective church government.  To mobilize communities and nonprofit organizations toward social responsibility.  To provide leadership for the special needs of the young and the aged. Our Strategy to Reach Our Goals  Train and commission gifted evangelists, elders, and pastors to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.  We have established a ministerial leadership training and development academy for the united churches and communities.  Continually assess our growth and effectiveness through scheduled conventions, annual conferences, and executive and administrative reporting systems.

One Response to Women In Ministry: A Partnership (Video)

  1. Dawn Miller says:

    I agree with what Dr. Martinez said that for some of us, we don’t know what a woman in ministry may look like due to not seeing this in our culture’s representation. However, thank God that as these professors of said and many have experienced, the scriptures will lead us to the truth. That truth being that God calls and qualifies who he has chosen whether male or female.

    Thank you for this presentation.

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